Wedding Photography - Capture Precious Memories

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Wedding is the most important milestone of the groom and bride’s lives. You work hard to choose the right caterer, decorator and stylists. You even go through the whole playlists several times with the DJ. Choosing the right wedding photographer is just as important if not more. Get to know your photographer before finalizing them to capture the intimate details of your wedding. It is important that your vision of beautiful photography be same as theirs, or you will be left with regrets for not capturing the right moments of your wedding day.


It is important to talk in detail with your photographer at least once to ensure that both of you have clearly understood what this shoot has to achieve. Beautiful photographs can always warm hearts and lift spirits, making you and your photographer proud and happy for years to come.

Clearly Communicate Your Expectations
Ask them to show you examples of their work. Let them know if you want any changes to their style of work. Tell them how many shots you’d like and if you want family, extended family to be included in these shots. How many of these do you want to be beauty shots of you and your significant other? Would you like any of these pictures to be printed? And once everything is decided, have the pricing agreement printed and signed upfront.

A Short List isn’t only for the Photographers
You ought to have one as well! Compile a list of all the shots you’d like to see in your wedding album. This comes in handy specially when deciding on the family pictures. Wouldn’t it be heart breaking to find out that the groom’s grandpa (the one who flew in all the way from Arkansas!) does not have a picture with the happy couple? Make lists, they can be lifesavers when you are crunched for time.


Live Display of Photography
This is an increasing trend these days. If you can arrange for a computer at the reception, ask for the photographer to periodically upload the shots they take throughout the day. Display them as a slideshow on a nice, large screen for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Not only will this be different but also a fun addition to a beautiful night.

Expect the Unexpected
Despite all of your careful preparation and the photographer’s hard work, things will go wrong. Be prepared for this fact. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your day will be spoilt.Couple Sometimes these unexpected events are the best part of the day, providing plenty of opportunities for amazing photography. So grin and bear it, put your best face forward and pose! Rains can be troublesome, but rainy shots are amazing. The expressions on his face when the groom misplaces the ring, or when the bride can’t remember her vows, make for great photo ops. Give your photographer the freedom to take advantage of these candid moments. These will be the most cherished moments of your life forever and always.

Start Early
Weddings are hard work, but not just for you. Everyone involved in this melee is just as stressed out as you. The photographer’s job is to ensure that all the special moments of your wedding are captured as special keepsakes of your wedding day. Give them the leeway to shoot as they please. Everyone has uncles and aunts who are self-proclaimed photographers and always try to get in on a shot before the hired photographer, ruining it for them. Get one up on them and get any venue photography out of the way before the guests start arriving.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun
Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship, love and all the promises that the future holds for the two of you. So not the best time to go all bridezilla (or groomzilla for that matter, we are not judging!)The more relaxed you are, the more fun it will be for the photographer. Not to mention, smiling faces make for great photographs!

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