Reliving Your Cherished Memories

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

No matter how hard you try to keep things in your memory, they will eventually fade away. The incident that you had memorized with every inch detail will become fuzzy and you will end up forgetting some of the most important and precious memories. Photography, since its evolution, has been very important in order to archive our memories. It helps us not only to limit the memories in our minds but also as a symbol that we will pass on to our friends, family and coming generations.

The art of photography was Scattered Old Printsdiscovered centuries ago and Chinese and Greek are known to be the pioneer in this art. They were the first one to discover some basic principles of camera in 4th century B.C while the concept of developing a photograph from camera was introduced by Johann Henrich Schulze in 1727. During his experiments, he observed that a compound named silver nitrate darkened itself on exposure to light; however, it was worked upon by Joseph Nicephore, who produced first photographic image following similar technique.

Since then, the photography industry has been undergoing numerous changes and development. From pinhole cameras to roll film cameras, still cameras, flash bulb cameras and Polaroid cameras, this industry has grown tremendously and is continuing its league with modern digital cameras.
Shots taken from a camera
Today, we can find varieties of camera in the market including SLR, DSLR, Digital and LCDs to name a few. The SLR camera, also known as Single Lens Reflector, had been around for long time but it hit the stride during 60’s. It instantly became popular and was considered better than the normal range-finders. After it came the CCD, a.k.a Charged Coupled Device, which was the mainstay in the field of digital imaging before CMOS sensor cameras gained traction in photography industry and won its inventors Noble Prize. 1977 brought the first Consumer Camera that could Autofocus on an object. It became highly popular as it enabled users to click sharp images with proper focus. Then came the age of digital camera and Kodak was the first company to launch it. It let the user to click an image and transmit it to anywhere through phone lines within minutes. The digital cameras became a revolution as it not only saved the time but also had excellent features.

All these type of cameras are among the ones that we use today but their features and designs are being upgraded from time to time. Colored Camera LensesCompanies like Nikon, Sony and Samsung each have launched series of digital cameras but they are mainly for common mass. Digital Cameras are incorporated in a number of devices including mobile phones, PDAs and Vehicles. Many digital cameras has the future to record moving video with sound while some can crop and stitch different section of picture together and do image editing. Compact digital cameras, Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), Digital rangefinders, Line-scan, Integration and Waterproof are all types of digital cameras available in the market.

Snapfish and Shutterfly are the leader in photo sharing and printing industry today. Snapfish is a web based service which is owned by HP. Launched in 2000, it is presently host to one billion digital pictures and more than forty million users worldwide.
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It lets you share photos, albums, animated Snapshows and Snapfish products via Facebook, Blogger, MySpace and email. It collects the revenue from prints, mugs, photo books and cards which are its personalized photo products.

Shutterfly is another such Internet-based service which provides social expression along with personal publishing. Its flagship product is cards, stationery, share sites and photo books line. It attempts to stand out from other similar web-based services like flickr by letting countless images free of cost.

This service keepsShutterfly Prints all the uploaded pictures at full resolution instead of scaling them down or affecting the original photography in anyway. It has acquired applications like Tiny Pictures, Tiny Prints Inc. and Kodak Gallery.

Photography plays a very significant role in the past, present and future of mankind. As a profession, it is fulfilling and creative and with explosion in the field of mass communication, journalism and media, it has become one of the most important and effective medium of communication. Till now it was considered to be a hobby or at the best- a part time activity to earn money but in fact, photographers are in so much demand all over the world, be it in journalism, film industry, advertising, modeling, fashion industry or corporate sector.

Increasing communication grid, media and fashion growth, photography has not just become a great profession but also means of expressing oneself. All you need is an observant and keen eye; a curious, perceptive and intelligent mind and with practice you can excel in this profession and earn handsome money. Even if you like taking pictures because of your interest, you can still use this as a way to earn by taking beautiful pictures and using internet to sell them at certain prices.

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