Polaroid Digital Instant Cameras

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Although the very first instant camera came in 1923, the invention of modern instant cameras is attributable to Edwin H. Land who established the Polaroid Corporation in 1937 and the first Polaroid instant camera came out in the year 1948. Some of the earliest instant cameras were also known as Land cameras after the name of the person who gave the initial concept. Since then Polaroid has been manufacturing some of the most well performing cheap instant cameras. However, in 2008, Polaroid stopped the production of such cameras owing to the digital photography technology that had taken over all other forms of photography.

In 2009, Polaroid came back with the camera that combined digital photography with instant film. The first instant camera with digital technology was Pogo TWO. It used special Zink technology for ink free printing.
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Zink, or Zero Ink, technology uses special ZINK paper as well as devices embedded with the technology. The concept is comparable to dye sublimation printing. In ZINK printing, no color cartridges or ribbons are required; instead, the ZINK paper (which is apparently a regular white paper) has all the colors entrenched in it and ZINK enabled printers use heat to bring those colors to life. ZINK printing is used for high quality image output. The Polaroid instant digital cameras use this ink free technology to produce exceptional quality digital photographs.

Z2300W is one of the latest digital cameras from Polaroid and it can print the photographs in less than a minute. It has integrated printers which produce instant photographs and these need not to be left aside to dry. The Z2300 is much smaller and compact than its prototypes and utilizes ZINK printing to produce 2×3-inch photographs. Owing to the characteristics of the special ZINK paper, the photographs produced on it are moisture and UV resistant. Further, they are also smudge free.

This Self Portraitdigital camera features a 10 Mega Pixels resolution, three inch LCD color display, 32 GB internal storage and a SD card which can be used to add another 32 GB to the room. Pictures can also be stored on the SD card or uploaded to the social networking sites. With a print speed of one minute per print, the Z2300 has automatic image quality optimization. In addition to still images, it also offers instant video which can be played on the backside of the cam where the speakers are provided for audio support.

Z340E is another Polaroid digital camera. It has a resolution of 14 Mega Pixels and is also on ZINK technology. The camera features an LCD color display of 2.7 inch and SD card slot to add storage to the already provided internal room. Z340E prints 3″ x 4″ photographs in less than a minute per photo. The pictures produced are dry to touch. Its battery supports 25 photo prints per charge.

With this camera Instant Camerayou can print photographs instantly or after reviewing. Editing is also enabled; you may add effects or frames to the images before printing them. Z340E is bulkier than Z2300 but the image quality is much better. The camera is easy to use and with its retro design, it reminds you of some of the early instant cameras. However, with mobile printing combined with digital technology, it is nothing like the earliest instant cameras.

Although both the camera models give relatively better image quality if compared to other instant cameras, the instant cam technology has still to go a long way before it can compete with the high quality image delivering digital cameras.

Nevertheless, instant photography printing remains to be as fascinating as it was years ago.

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