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Monday, September 10th, 2012

The introduction of camera phones gave a boost to the photography passion that exists in almost everyone. The convenience of carrying a portable camera in a mobile phone made the photography experience enjoyable as well as accessible. With increasing demand in camera phones, the mobile camera technology improved significantly. Today, we have more than 12 Mega Pixel cameras in mobile phones. Although not everyone needs a 12 Meg Pixel camera, the mere idea of having a near to professional cam packed inside the mobile phone is intriguing.

Camera Features There are several phones in the market which are equipped with the latest mobile camera technologies; face tracking, Panorama, smile detection, anti-shaking, light adjustment, blink warning and many more allow users to capture any moment anywhere. Statistics show that mobile phone cameras have made photography a social affair with more than 84% people inclined towards snapping family photos.

In addition to the high quality cameras in the phones, there are several photography applications for mobile phones that allow users to shoot pictures with beautiful effects. Further, some applications also make sharing photographs easier. In particular, applications for IOS and Android platform have gained popularity. Many apps that were developed for IPhones have now been introduced for Android smartphones as well due to the overwhelming response from users.

Instagram One such application is Instagram which was developed for IOS but in April this year, 2012, it was released to work with Android phones as well. Instagram is basically a photo sharing program that lets the users to capture a picture, apply effects or editing and then share it on different social networking podiums like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Instagram is particularly famous for its square shaped pictures which look like Polarized images. The application has more than 80 million registered users worldwide and given the fact that it is now usable with Android platform, it is expected that the number of users will sky rocket in a few months.

Another amazing application for photography is Camera Awesome. Developed by SmugMug, Camera Awesome combines the function of Instagram, camera and a perfect photo editor and yet this application is free of cost. A remarkable feature Camera Awesome has to offer is the ability to focus on one frame and set exposure for another separate one. Moreover, it also has several other picture editing features and sharing options. In addition to its photo editing options, the tools like electronic level, burst mode and pre video recording make it hard to believe that all this comes free of any cost at all. The only drawback, however, is that this application has no Android version yet.

Smartphone Applications SpinWarp is another photo editing tool for IPhones. It allows pictures to be converted to abstract images by incorporating several different photo effects like kaleidoscopic and fractal. While this application is also for IOS alone, there are many remarkable applications for Android as well. Little Photo and PicsArt for Android are the most recent and some of the most extensive photo editors available in the Android Market. They let users to add several different effects to pictures and create collage as well. Similarly, with StreamZoo, an award winning Android photo sharing application, users can create pictures as well as share them on different platforms.

Apart from smartphone apps, there are other picture editing and sharing resources too; many online vendors offer these services at minimal costs. One such vendor is the Mixbook. Incorporated as a private company, it was founded in the year 2006. It offers several photo products and most distinguished ones are the customized photo books, calendars, scrapbooks and digital gifts. Mixbook allows users to create customized photo books using different picture editing tools, these photos can then be shared online with friends and family or can be ordered as photo products to be delivered at one’s doorsteps. The site believes in giving complete independence to its customers and for this reason enhanced customization options are included. Moreover, the customer care and satisfaction is one of the topmost priorities at Mixbook.

mixbook Another vendor is the Established in 2002, it offers PVC emission free photo books, photo accessories, refill pages, storage boxes, tapes and glues and supplies for scrapbooking. Among its special products are the

Pioneer Photo Albums and accessories. Pioneer is a renowned brand name for finest photo albums and scrapbooks. has an amiable customer care staff and a policy of responding to every customer query within 24 hour time.

While Mixbook and are inclined more towards catering the social needs of photography, Corbis Images is another vendor which is involved in providing stock photography for advertising and marketing purposes.

To conclude, photography is not just about taking pictures; it is an important form of expression. Every field, be it social or commercial, makes extensive use of photography and for this reason this industry is growing at a warp speed. Latest cameras and relevant applications are being developed to meet these growing needs. Without doubt, photography industry and its sub industries have too much to look forward to in the future.

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