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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Sharing photographs with your family and friends, no longer requires old fashioned photo albums. Since the advent of photo sharing web sites in the 1990s, many people find that sharing photographs online is much more convenient and expedient than carrying around a bulky album.
In the last twenty years, photo sharing has gone from being able to order prints from online to having an online centralized access point for your pictures. Not only has this boosted camera sales but companies have discovered brand new methods of revenue generation.

Consumers now have access to several avenues of sharing their pictures. Social network sharing and mobile sharing is two of the most popular methods. On Social Network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, users can easily tag pictures and broadcast it to friends and families on their list. These sites also have special applications that enable users to create albums with written explanations, much like a real photo album.

Since the year 2011, sharing photos via a mobile platform has exploded in frequency. After the relative success of iPhone’s Instagram, many photo sharing applications for Android phones have been developed.

Photo SharingLightbox is a relatively new photo sharing app, developed by Google’s ex manager Thai Tran. This application has a feature-rich interface with a camera built in. It also enables users to post their photos on their own Lightbox profile as well as on other social networking sites. The best part it is absolutely free!

EyeEm is another excellent photo sharing app that can be found Android phones, iPhones and Windows platforms. This app enables users to capture and edit their photos with many filters and frames. The photos can then be broadcasted on their own website or through email or via social networking sites. Their automatic tagging features list a location and event for every photo that is uploaded. Similar tags are grouped into vibes. This app is also free of charge.

Liveshare has both a mobile and internet network, although the mobile interface is simpler than their website. Liveshare enables you to quickly upload photos, streaming and find friends. It was developed by Cooliris and is available for free.

Photobucket is another popular Android application for photo sharing. This application enables user to upload or download their picture to the web site. Users can also broadcast their photos on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Snapbucket which is a part of Photobucket, is an additional application that allows user to add filters and frames to their photos. It also has an auto upload feature making it easier to upload pictures.

Photo Editing
Path is a stable and free of charge photo sharing. It allows you to not only share your pictures but also interact around them. This is a great way of interacting with others. Its user interface and applications are much simpler than other apps that are listed.

Streamzoo, another highly popular photo sharing app, enables users to select ‘Like’ for others users’ pictures. The user with the most number of “likes” gets to be on leaderboards. Some of the features of this app are adding filters, effects, frames and tilt shifts. Its user interface is rich and enables you to share via other social networks. It is free of charge.

Trover is a photo sharing that emphasizes location. The design of this app makes it seem very user-friendly to use. If you enjoy travelling, this is the perfect app to us to share your pictures with your family and friends.

There is a large variety of photo sharing applications for users who are keen on sharing their snaps with their friends and families. The best way to select one that is right for you is to look at the features it offers and make sure it is easy to use. Say Cheese!

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