Magazine Photography & Portfolio Shoots

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Photography is a diverse field and has several branches. This ever increasing industry has a never ending future. Initially photography was considered no more than a leisure hobby but as time passed and people started admiring good quality photographs, photography developed into a full fledged profession. Today, professional photographers are one of the most highly paid people around. Especially the fashion photographers are really getting all the hype these days. However, being a professional fashion photographer requires skills as well as the aesthetic sense.

Portfolio Photography or Fashion Photography has been there since 1839. It was the time when photography was first used for advertising and selling products. Since then, this branch of photography has been developing and today advance cameras and equipment are used to enhance the photographs which are to be used in fashion magazines or any other type of magazines too.
MagzinesThe early 20th century was the time when the halftone printing technique was evolving and this allowed the fashion photography to appear in magazines too. Compact cameras enabled discreet photos to be shot for magazines. Hence, French magazines were the first ones to feature fashion photography. By 1911, photography was being used to promote fashion as a fine art.

Initially, magazine photography was used only to promote sales and to advertise for businesses, but today, as things have evolved, the fashion photography has enhanced to an extent that it is now being used to give a complete story. The mood of the picture, the background scenario and the focal image itself are all an integral part of the story being told using photography.

Top models were used for portfolio photographs for the cover photos of well reputed magazines. Along with human portfolio, images of other items also began appearing on the magazine covers. Today most magazines have defined rules for magazine photography. For example, some editors may as well specify what camera, angel and environment should be used. Similarly, some magazines may also have same models hired for a contractual period of time for cover photos.

Photographs that appear on magazines and especially on the covers have to be very high quality images. For this reason, professional photographers and advance equipment are used for magazine photo shoots. In addition to this, the snapped photos are then enhanced using photo shops and picture editors. However, photography manipulation ethics regulate the extent to which a professional picture can be manipulated. Usually, at most colors are enhanced and backgrounds added.
Stylish Women
Pictures that appear on the magazine covers convey a lot; often buyers are lured into purchasing a magazine because of its striking cover photo. Some pictures are bold while others appeal to the artistic eyes. For this reason, cover photos hold an integral position in magazine marketing too.

Fashion photography has another important aspect as well; the portfolio photography which is done for fashion models. Whether these models snap pictures to get selected or have professional photo shoots for advertisements purposes, these portfolio photographs are high in detail and clarity. Such photographs are shot with aim of enhancing the model’s features and this is why lighting has a key role to play in this type of photography. Along with the lighting and technical tools, the model wardrobe, picture location and model pose also matters a lot. All these factors are chosen usually by the photographer, so, how good a picture delivers its message depends mostly on the person snapping it.
Elegant WomenMagazine photography or fashion shoots are important primarily because of the marketing aspect attached to them. Consumers tend to buy visuals more than simple text. This is why these pictures are chosen and snapped very carefully using the most advance cameras and tools.

As camera technology develops, photographs will get more vivid and realistic. Photography holds an important part in everyday life and no matter what industry we talk about, we’ll find photography everywhere.

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