Impact of Photography on Social Networking

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Although past can never come back, one can always preserve the golden times of his/her life through photography. Nowadays, photographs have become an inevitable part of our everyday life. People tend to take random pictures and share them with their friends through different social networking websites. Considering the latest trends in the industry, one can easily predict the future prospect of photography. One thing is for sure, photography is moving towards from being a more social activity than an individual experience. Secondly where camera technology is getting better, traditional way of photography will decline exponentially. In his book,‘After Photography’, Fred Ritchin states that by 2010, the society is expected to produce about half a trillion pictures every year. Even though the prediction is two years old, it still holds true.
Posing with friends
One cannot overlook the increasing impact social network has on our lives. Where it is being used as a source of advertisement for every business, photography isn’t any way behind. Photographers can make use of media like Facebook, Flickr and Picasa for their marketing. It is always beneficial to have an account in all the major social media platforms. Adding social media buttons on each page also welcomes people from different backgrounds to come and visit your pictures.

For professional photographers, sharing work samples of his/her niche can help build brand repute by increasing SEO (Search engine optimization) ranking. Furthermore, building trust and credibility before starting self promotion is important.Share on social media All social networks help you do that rather comfortably. This is a way of sales generation directly. Once done with that phase, you can ask people to give their feedback on your work upon which you can look for improvements.

On a lighter note, photography is as important in social life as is in professional one. Friends share pictures of different occasions with each other to get comments and/or likes. Facebook is the most common platform for social networking nowadays. One can post pictures on his/her wall or on a friend’s wall or even on different facebook groups to get comments and likes. Using this characteristic, a number of photography competitions are held within facebook, judged by the number of likes the pictures get.

Flickr is a platform for uploading and sharing pictures. It gives you the ability to not only upload your pictures but also edit it and later share it on Twitter, facebook and a number of other sites. Talking of twitter, photo sharing enables the user to make photo galleries. Picasa is an online photo sharing service by Google that enables you to maintain an online photo album and tag your friends in it. Picture tagging is as common as social media is nowadays. For that reason, photoshop is a widely used tool for picture editing. One can upload his picture and work it out with various picture customization tools like changing the color tones, lights and abstract effects.
Zenfolio is a famous photo and video presenting website. Zenfolio With Zenfolio, you can make your own photo website where you have the chance to upload your pictures and videos, protect them with password, and make elegant slides or a whole portfolio. You can even order photo prints through this webpage with a few simple clicks at an amazingly affordable rate. The best part is that you can shift to Zenfolio from another hosting service, without having to change the domain name of your site.

Photography is an industry that enjoys its bloom in every era. With social networking becoming an integral part of our society, friends and colleagues are coming closer to each other and are getting more involved in everyone’s lives. As a result, photography industry has found new dimensions to explore and it seems to be diversifying even more. The industry as a whole has prosperous future ahead.

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